Reaching Our Community

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Annual Events

Looking for special things to do throughout the year? We have many special events we do every year to reach out to our community. Here are some of the events we do every year that you can look forward to!

We would love to have you join us! Here

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Valentine's Banquet

We host several banquets throughout the year for our church family, and also our community. Starting off the year right with a Valentine's banquet is always a hit!

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Mother-Daughter Banquet

The men of the church take great care to serve and cater to the ladies in our annual Mother-Daughter banquet. Good food, accompanying with an inspiring program, help our ladies enjoy their Mother's Day celebrations without needing to worry!

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Do you enjoy mud? Do you enjoy running? Do you enjoy competition?

Each Spring our Word of Life group invites youth groups from around the area – even as far away as Indiana – to join in our Slopsticle event. We’ve even had families join in when they drive by and see all of the fun!

As a church-wide effort, we’ve taken a back cornfield and turned it into a muddy, sloppy obstacle course worthy of its name. Don’t worry – they get to clean up a little before they head home!

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Vacation Bible Club

Do you like, knights, castles, and games? Do you enjoy spending time doing crafts? Do you like eating dinner?

No one is left out in our Vacation Bible Club – it's not just for younger children, but for everyone from months old all the way up to the long-retired! Our whole-family vacation bible club has a new theme every year, designed to help us all enjoy time and learn about God. We start with a meal, and then get going with fun, games, crafts, and learning.

(And yes, a competition to see which teacher gets a pie in the face!)

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Community Picnic

Every fall, we host a community picnic that all are invited to! We have games, food, a car and tractor show... the fun is contagious, and smiles are everywhere!

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Trunk and Treat

Other groups may make you choose, but we won't at our annual Trunk and Treat event! Hayrides, a tunnel of darkness, and many, many smiles await you at this annual event!

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Christmas Banquet

Do you like caroling? How about themed dinner tables? Well, you can have both of those and more at our annual Christmas Banquet, a chance to get together, laugh, and contemplate as we celebrate the Christmas season at our annual Christmas Banquet!

And yes, sometimes the men are allowed to pick their table themes!