The Structure of the Leadership of Our Church

Jesus Christ – The Head of Hickory Corners Bible Church

The Word of God – The Test by which we measure what we do.

Congregation – The body: to select spiritual men to lead and then submit to their leadership.

Pastors (Human authority)

Jeff Worden  –  Senior Pastor
Rich Anspach  –  Associate pastor
Jeff Worden II  –  Youth Minister

Elders and Deacons (A board directed church)

Brian Vining, Chairman
Pastors are a part of this board as well.

Operating Board (Spiritual Men)

Don Carley  –  Ushers
Bob Dirmeyer  –  Finance
Bret Eckhart
Troy Leniaar
(vacant)  –  Building and Grounds
Fred Heath  –  Audio/Visual
Pastors and Deacons are a part of this board as well.

Committees and Ministries


Pat Brown  –  Chairman
Abbie Bishop
Kathy Burdick
Susan Erskine
Barb Worden
Linda Worden

Ushers – Don Carley
Finance – Bob Dirmeyer
New Construction
Building and Grounds – (vacant)
Audio/Visual – Fred Heath
Music – Susan Erskine
Kitchen – Kathy Burdick
Congregational Care – (vacant)
Prayer Chain – Doris Anspach
Library – Doris Anspach
Missions – Wendell Russel

Our Global Staff

Missions – Wendell Russel

Florin Botar – P.I.E. Romania
Kathy Curtis – Camp Barakel, Michigan
Clay Gibbons – GFA, England
Bob Homan  – RBM, Michigan
Jeff Minniear – CBM, Maryland
Rory Moore – A.B.W.E., Togo
Tim Munger – FOI, Michigan
Monika Rakossy – WOL, Hungary
Ryan Roughts – A.B.W.E., Costa Rica
Al Torres – RBM, Michigan
Ken Weist – Christar, Turkey
Aaron Wentz – MSA, Michigan