610, 2018

Where’s your Focus?

By |October 6th, 2018|Blog Posts|

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend recently on the idea that "thinking positively changes our overall mood; that what we focus on the most, we often find." Where our focus is drives our thinking, our every thought starts to see that in every place we look.  In many ways, the “Me Too” movement has done this on a massive, national scale.  Our focus has shifted to look [...]

407, 2018

Here’s Who you Need to Know

By |July 4th, 2018|Blog Posts|

The last few weeks my social media feeds have been filled with Here’s what you need to know posts.  Republicans are doing it.  Democrats are doing it.  Businesses are doing it.  I bet that if you scroll down your Facebook feed right now, you’ll probably run into that type of phrase within the first dozen posts on your feed.  We’re worked up about false news, fake news, and what might be [...]

1806, 2018

Whose stuff is it Really?

By |June 18th, 2018|Blog Posts|

What’s the favorite thing you own that you like to tell people about?  Most of us tend to have certain things we call our own, things that we’re proud of.  We like to show “our” stuff off, we like to tell people all about it, describe how we use it... In short, we like to brag about it! On my recent fishing trip with the men from Hickory Corners Bible [...]

706, 2018

Embracing the New

By |June 7th, 2018|Blog Posts|

We all have a time in our lives when we face something new.  A new school, a new job, a new boss, a new house, a new day when we know something significantly different is going to happen.  Think about the last time you faced something new.  Were you excited?  Scared?  Uneasy?  Did you embrace it, or did you hold back and worry about it? Here at Hickory Corners Bible [...]